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10 cheapest countries to travel

10 cheapest countries to travel

10 cheapest countries to travel

One of the things that most travellers want is travelling for long. But for that, we must find countries where we can sleep, eat and move around using the least money we can. So we decided to show you the 10 cheapest countries to travel.


1. India

That´s for sure the cheapest you will get. Budget accomodation can start in 2$ ou 3$ a night and it’s very easy to buy food in the street (although you may take some health cautions) for less than 2$. You can travel around using trains and buses for only a couple of dollars for a journey. Yes, this is problably the cheapest country to travel in the world.

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2. Cambodja

Cambodja is a wonderful place to travel. There are lots of accomodation choices, for different kinds of budget. Even in Siem Reap, the most touristic place in Cambodja, it’s easy to find a dorm bed for 3$. But you have to eat street food and travel in local and slow buses to keep a low budget. But, it’s definitely worth it.


3. Bolivia

You will find travel in Bolivia very rewarding. The food is amazing and cheap, specialy if you buy it on the streets or local restaurants. Moving around the country, usualy costs 1$ per 100 km on a bus ride, so it’s easy to see how much you will spend travelling here. Accomodation is very different from place to place, but dorms in hostels or local budget hotels can be less than 3$ or 4$ per bed.


4. Nepal

Nepal is not very different from India. It’s not so cheap but it’s cheap enough to travel on a low budget. You can find dorm rooms for 4$ per bed, and like in India, you can buy food in the streets or in supermarkets. Use local buses.


5. China

It’s easy to travel on a budget is China. First you have to spend less time in Beijing, Hong Kong or Shangai than you problably want. But, this is a good choice because you will find amazing cities with budget hostel (specially Internacional Youth Hostel) with beds cheaper than 3$ a night. In bigger cities you will find place 5$ per dorm bed. Food is very cheap in the streets, as in all asian countries, but you have to choose carefully. Travelling by trains or buses is very confortable but you need to buy tickets in advance on local terminals.


6. Vietnam

For travelling on a budget in Vietnam you will have to learn to be rude an say no (a lot). Budget hostel and local hotels are easy to find. You will pay more or less 5$ per bed. Local buses and trains are also good and reliable and the price is fair enough. So, to avoid spending more than you can, try the street food, and bargain the prices on everything (including accomodation and food).


7. Egypt

Travelling on a budget in Egypt means that you will have to bargain everything. Find a hostel or a local hotel in muslim neighborhoods and far way from tourist main hotels. You will find rooms for 2 for about 10$ or 12$. Travel by bus or train, using cheap bus companies and buy street food.


8. Thailand

Thailand is becoming a huge destination for travellers and also for people that want to live abroad in cheap countries. Thailand is safe, beautiful and cheap. You will find dorm beds for less than 5$, you will have good and delicious street food for less than 3$ and you will travel cheap on local buses, boats and trains. So, this is problably one of the best budget deals for travellers.


9. Laos

Laos may be a small country but it’s an amazing place to travel. Local buses are very cheap, so you can spend less than 5$ for a 5 hour bus ride. Food is not so cheap as in Thailand but it’s cheap enough for budget travellers. You can get a dorm room in a hostel or a double bed in local hotels for 6$ or 7$ per person.


10. Equador

Equador is cheap but is not so safe like other countries in this list. You will find dorm beds in local hostels for 5$ or 6$ per night. Food is good and you can buy it for 4$ in the streets or local restaurants. Travelling by bus is good and cheap.  A 300 miles journey can cost you 3$ or 4$.


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