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13 reasons to visit VENICE | Italy

Venice has been a major tourist destination for long. Venice is an unique city in Europe and in the world, with its culture, architecture, history, geography and food. Although a small place, Venice has attracted visitors from all over the world and is becoming more and more unique. The greatness of Venice is easy to see and enjoy. It is visible in every conner, street and canal. Just in case you need, we give you 13 reasons to visit Venice. 

13 reasons to visit VENICE 


1. The most beatiful “highway” in the world (Grand Canal)

Take the vaporeto and enjoy a “public” cruise in the Grand Canal. 


2. One of the biggest and amazing squares in the world (San Marco square)

San Marco square is big enough for you walk around and take a seat in several cafés. 

13 reasons to visit VENICE

3. Three amazing Campanille, each one with amazing views to Venice

San Giorgio Maggiore, San Marco and Torcello campanilles have the most amazing views of Venice.

13 reasons to visit VENICE

4. A city with more bridges and canals than streets

Get lost in Venice and wander in small streets and canals.

13 reasons to visit VENICE

5. A very romantic place to be with the person you are in love

Are you in love? So, take a trip to Venice. This is probably the most romantic place in the world. 


6. The most beatiful Carnival in the world

Venice Carnival is an experience by itself. (check our Venice Carnival post here)


7. One of the most beatiful place to enjoy the night fall

The stunning night view is unique..


8. Amazing palaces, churchs and museums

Dodge palace, dozens of churchs, such as Fraire or San Giovanni, and amazing museums and galleries just waiting for you.


9. A perfect place to catch a sunset

Yes, even sunset is gorgeous here. 

10. A colourful island full of character (Burano)

Burano, just 20 minutes by boat from Venice is a pleasant place to spend a sunny day. 

11. An island with glass artists and artcrafts (Murano)

Murano has dozens of shops and galleries with glass crafs waiting for you. 

12. A rural island so close that makes you feel travelling in time (Torcello)

Torcello is 30 minutes away from Venice but it’s so difficult to find something in common between these two places. 

13. One of the most beatiful cities in the world 

Bottom line… it’s one of the most beatiful cities in the world. For us, it’s in top3. 

13 reasons to visit VENICE

Do you still have any doubts?

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