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Accommodation in Argentina

In Argentina there is a wide range of accommodation options to suit all tastes and budgets. There are luxurious hotels with exorbitant prices, in the list of the world’s best, and there are cheap lodgings of very good quality or more dubious quality. With the growing demand from independent travellers, Argentina has witnessed an increase in the number of affordable accommodations of high quality, with all the services that an independent traveller needs. In this sense, traveling in this country can be very rewarding.


Boca, Buenos Aires

Some concepts of accommodation and their main characteristics:

Hotel – No presentations needed, are the “normal” hotels. The standards of the local hotels are international and compete with any European hotel. The major international hotel chains are in major tourist destinations in the country.



Hostel – The number of hostels in Argentina is growing day by day. Most are quite good and with all the services that travellers need. The increase in the number of hostels allows fierce competition and the maintenance of prices, despite the high inflation rate. Almost all hostels have fully equipped kitchen with stove, oven, microwave, fridge, freezer and dishwasher. Most have computers connected to the internet and free Wi-Fi. They also have common areas to contact travellers, bar and large baths and toilets. The hostels in Argentina are an excellent choice, whether to stay in a bed in a dormitory or a double room. For more information about these hostels please visit Hosteling International Argentina. If you want to stay in a specific hostel it’s better to book in advance, especially in Patagonia. During high season it is appropriate to book accommodation throughout the country, since the best local places fill. If you stay a more or less prolonged time in Argentina and decide to use this type of accommodation, it is convenient to buy the Hostelling International card (youth hostel card).


El Bolson

Hostal – While this type of accommodation is more common in Chile than in Argentina, they can be great options. Family houses are transformed into “small hostels.” Normally, the dorms do not have more than 4 beds and even predominate double or triple. The breakfasts are delicious, with jams, homemade bread and seasonal fruits. Distinguished from hostels by more familiar environment, the double rooms are around the same prices as in hostels, as well as dormitories.


Circuito Chico, Bariloche

Camping – In the south of the country, mainly in Patagonia, camping is very common. For example, the city of El Bolson has numerous campsites, some quite popular. Generally, the campsites are well equipped and have electricity, services, changing rooms, bar, restaurant and mini market. They are a great choice during summer in Patagonia since they are very economical.


Patagonia trek

Mountain retreat – The Patagonia has numerous mountain huts, particularly in the vicinity of Bariloche and El Bolson. These refuges are basic but great options when making treks for several days, since you don’t need to carry a tent in the backpack. Prices are around 100 Ar (14 €). In the area of Bariloche, these refuges prepare meals for climbers. Prices are slightly higher than in the cities but the food is homemade and extremely tasty. For example, the Refuge Otto Melling, in Cerro Tronador, is quite famous among travellers due to its juicy and tasty dinners. In these refuges is not necessary to make advance reservations, however, if you want to do it you can contact Andinistas Clubs in the region where they are.


Fitz Roy, Patagonia

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