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Flying over the Niagara falls

GOPR0377 (1)“Bird eye view over Niagara Falls” is something that we always want to have. Close your eyes; feel your body up in the air; open your arms and fly. Fly! Open your eyes, look down and see the Niagara falls so small that the human being is just another element of the landscape.


How can we achieve such a feeling? We cannot think of another thing better than a helicopter ride. So, we decided to take one helicopter tour in Niagara falls (Canadian side).  We arranged our flight with Niagara Helicopters and “prayed” for good weather day. And, fortunately, St. Peter was our friend.


Tickets in hand! We could not believe that we were flying over Niagara Falls!!!

We were lucky to be the first to enter the helicopter and Carla immediately chose the front seat next to the pilot, and Rui grabbed a place by the window. The helicopter flew six people at a time. With giant headphones and headset placed, we are ready to lift. The helicopter starts up. The ground seems to tremble under our feet. What an amazing feeling! The first minutes leave us with a little agony but 30 seconds after, the views of the surrounding countryside made us forget this feeling.


While flying over the canyon where the Niagara River flows embedded, we felt like travelling to a world without problems, without individuals, where man is as insignificant as a grain of sand in the desert. In this world, the Niagara River runs in the highlands, an open bed, carrying icebergs that have broken off the glaciers of Lake Ontario. These icebergs are transported downstream for several miles and end up falling into the base of the Niagara fall.


The sense of scale is given only by the size of buildings constructed next to the falls. After the falls, the river fits in a narrow and deep rocky gorge and disappears on the horizon. It is this spectacle of nature that the “bird eye view” allows us to contemplate. It seems unreal but it is not. It is simply an extraordinary way to enjoy the best of what nature has to offer.


Practical information:

We arranged the Niagara Falls tour through the Internet with Niagara Helicopters before coming to Niagara. So when we got there we knew what we were going to see and do. It was great because we did not lose time deciding things over there. Just let ourselves go by emotion and magnificence of nature. The ride is very good (although it takes only 10 minutes) and worth every dollar invested (we payed 137USD).

Our tour was done with the support of Niagara Helicopters. All thoughts and opinions are of course our own.

Carla Mota

I am a tirelessly curious portuguese world wanderer and also a travel photographer. My main passion lies in capturing disappearing ancient cultures, human condition and amazing nature wonders, challenging situations. My passion for travel photography has taken me to more than 80 countries which has helped me to create a vast collection of images of people and places from around the world.

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  • What an awesome view. We also took that same flight, and I can concur it was one of the coolest things you can possibly do in Niagara Falls!

    • Carla Mota

      Thanks Mike. 😀

    • Thanks, Mike. I also read your post and love it. Good and safe travels. 😀

  • Julies Airlines

    This looks amazing! Its on my bucket list aswel !

  • Ray

    I grew up just outside of Niagara Falls, so I have had the opportunity to fly the Niagara Helicopters a few times over the years. Definitely one of the better attractions in the area if you are short on time, but have the money to spend on this ride.