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Greenland is the world’s largest non-continental island with a total area of 2 166 086 km2 , of which 81% is covered by ice sheets, because part of the territory is located in the Arctic. Greenland has been inhabited off and on for the last 4,500 years by Arctic peoples who migrated there from what is now Canada. In the 10th century, Icelandic and Norwegian Vikings settled in the southern part of the island, while the Thule Inuit culture was introduced in the north and expanded southward. Inuit culture then dominated the island from the end of the Middle Ages to the recolonization in the early 18th century, where European culture was reintroduced. Having been claimed by Denmark–Norway for centuries, Greenland became a Danish colony in 1814, and part of Denmark in 1953, being the largest, in area, dependent territory in the world. All towns and settlements of Greenland are situated along the ice-free coast, with the population being concentrated along the west coast. With a population of 56 370, 88% of them are Inuit and very proud of their culture. Today, Greenland is dependent on fishing and shrimp and fish industry and exports are the largest income. The extreme north of Greenland is not covered by an ice sheet, because the air there is too dry to produce snow. But, if Greenland ice sheet should melt away completely, the world’s sea level would rise by more than 7 m.


South Greenland:


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North and center Greenland:

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