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Travel the Transiberian


How to prepare a transmongolian or transiberian journey?

Are you thinking on a big train trip? Are you prerared for an amazing experience in the railway? So, this trip is for you!


Start by doing web search on these sites:

Seat 61 – Generates information about traveling with schedules and prices for your transiberian. This is a very useful site fulll of good information.


REAL RUSSIA – UK site that allows you to make reservations in the transiberian with several stops along the route. For us it is a mandatory site. It was through this site that bought tickets in advance. It’s very useful to prepare and organize your journey.


MARSHRUTY – Russian site, but allows you to see train schedules, which can be very useful.


After research you can buy tickets in advance in RealRussia, or buy at the railway station in Russia. Tickets are cheaper in Russian stations but if you have to travel on certain dates is advisable to book in advance. Travel safe! Have a good transiberian journey!


Carla Mota

I am a tirelessly curious portuguese world wanderer and also a travel photographer. My main passion lies in capturing disappearing ancient cultures, human condition and amazing nature wonders, challenging situations. My passion for travel photography has taken me to more than 80 countries which has helped me to create a vast collection of images of people and places from around the world.

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  • Love train travel whenever we can. What a unique experience The Transiberian must be. Will definitely check this route out further as a travel option in the very near future. Spotted your post on Twitter. 🙂