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Venice Carnival

Venice Carnival is one of the most extraordinary experiences that you could have during your travels. This year, these wanderers decided to enjoy the Venice Carnival! Venice Carnival is an extraordinary event. During the Venice Carnival a lot of venezians wander in the streets and squares, wearing amazing costumes and posing in the canals. This is the most photogenic Carnival in the world. Normally, venezians use antique costumes, mainly from XV century to XVIII century, with long and curley wigs, colorfull dresses and extraordinary masks.


Venice is a very pleasent city and one of the most beautifull places on Earth. Every trip to Venice will be amazing because Venice is full of glorious buildings, amazing streets, squares and bridges, lovely canals and beautiful churches. But, any trip to Venice will be unforgettable if you choose to visit the city during Venice Carnival.


If you are interested in Venice Carnival, check a hotel here and book some nice days in the city.

Carla Mota

I am a tirelessly curious portuguese world wanderer and also a travel photographer. My main passion lies in capturing disappearing ancient cultures, human condition and amazing nature wonders, challenging situations. My passion for travel photography has taken me to more than 80 countries which has helped me to create a vast collection of images of people and places from around the world.

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